How to choose the best cameras

Cameras of various types are one of the most important technologies that have contributed - since their appearance - to fundamentally change our lives, whether at the practical or personal level, especially after they have succeeded in showing other types of arts such as cinema and drama at the practical level and TV channels at the practical and personal levels, so in a blog today
What makes the camera better?

There are several factors that control the strength and quality of the camera, but in general if you do not first learn the basics of photography and professionalize how to use the camera correctly, in this case even if you have a cinematic camera you will not be able to do anything with this camera, in contrast if you know these basics then you Even if you use a phone camera, you will be able to take professional photos and videos.
Good camera factors:

Megapixels (MP): Although it is not considered a very important factor "without other factors", the higher the number of megapixels in the camera, the higher the quality of the camera, but at the same time there are cameras with a few pixels. At the same time, you offer very respectable photography quality, which you can place under the least important factors.
Size of the sensor: The sensor or sensor is the main part of the digital camera and is responsible for receiving the light reflected from the scene through the lens and converting it into an electrical image in order to process it and store it in the camera in the form of the final image, so it is considered one of the very basic factors that control the quality of the camera, as That the greater the size of the sensor, the greater the chance of more light entering the camera and thus taking pictures and videos with more details and greater quality, and there are many types and sizes of sensors starting with the Full Frame Sensors which is the largest and its exact size (36mm 24mm) to the point of the Small sensors which is Smaller and its exact size (5.37mm to 4.04mm) is most often found in smartphone cameras.
Manual or automatic control? There are cameras in automatic modes with a detailed explanation of how the camera works, and it is specifically intended for beginners in this field, certainly this type of camera is completely unprofessional because it is directed to a dedicated category of photographers, so the camera must be in a manual control mode in order to give you full control of the camera settings So you can set it yourself to take more professional photos.
Optical stabilizer: Some cameras come with an automatic optical stabilizer that you can enable to shoot videos or still images if you are walking fast or running, the cameras that give you this feature are professional cameras and most certainly their price is higher than other cameras.
Focus or focus: It is to isolate the person or object depicted from the background in the sense that the camera by focus or the focus isolates the person from the background so that the person or object depicted is visible, that is, the focus of the viewer and the rest in the background is foggy. Some cameras provide a very powerful Auto Focus that works automatically after shooting starts, others are inaccurate and may work difficult.

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