What is the difference? .. The most prominent differences between watchOS and Android Wear


Despite the intense competition between the Android operating system and the ios operating system in the smartphone market, the matter was not limited to that point, there is also an ongoing war between the Apple Watch and Android Wear operating systems, and below we show the difference between the two operating systems as follows:

Android Wear
It is a version of the Android mobile operating system from Google designed specifically to run smart watches, and it was announced on 18 by Sundar Pichai, in cooperation with manufacturers, Asus Broadcom, HTC, Intel, LG, MediaTek, Motorola, Qualcomm and Samsung, and integrates Android Warehouse technology for Google Now personal assistant that is adapted to accommodate screens of very small size.


It is the mobile operating system for Apple Watch, developed by Apple and is based on the iOS operating system, and has many similar features, and the system was launched on August 24, 2015, along with the Apple Watch, and it is the only device that runs watchOS, called Its API is called WatchKit.

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