Facebook provides a screen sharing feature to Messenger

Facebook announced the launch of another feature for Messenger and Messenger Rooms, the new addition allows the ability to share screens instantly with other members, and with the addition of the new screen sharing feature, users can now share their mobile screen instantly with friends and family in a call Single or group video with up to eight people in Messenger, and up to sixteen people in Messenger Rooms.

According to the Indian TOI website, Facebook says that the new screen sharing feature is to help people stay in touch in more ways than ever before, and the new screen sharing feature will bring people closer together, and an update of the screen sharing feature is currently being released to Messenger.
It is now available globally on the latest versions of Messenger apps on the Android platform, the desktop and web application, and to download the latest version of the application, users can head to the respective application stores and search for an update, and Facebook also confirmed that it plans to increase the number of people who can share the screen with Up to 50 people in Messenger rooms in the future.

In addition, the Facebook Rooms creator will soon have the option to set a limit if the shared screen will be visible to all or only participants during the creation of a new room or during an ongoing call, and for those who do not know, Facebook also plans to integrate its services that will allow mutual messages Between three platforms - WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

While all three will still work as a standalone app, this will allow users to speak to their Messenger friends from within the other two apps and vice versa.
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