Name Secret..I know why the name of the Apple Assistant is "Siri"

Apple's auxiliary is called "Siri", which, despite its popularity and recent use and reliance on it especially for iPhone users, is still mysterious about the reason for its name or the meaning of the name, which may be a familiar name now, but the first time that Steve Jobs heard The word "Siri" did not find him attractive.

According to "the week", Dag Kittalaus, the Norwegian creator of the famous virtual assistant for the iPhone 4S, provided details on how the technology was named and how it seduced the late Apple founder.

He revealed at a startup conference in Chicago that he was planning to name his daughter Siri after a former coworker. In Norway, Siri means "a beautiful woman leading you to victory", even registering a domain. Then he and his wife had a son, and the site was closed.

 But when Kittalaus was ready to unleash blurring speech recognition technology, he revived Siri, saying: "Consumer companies need to focus on the fact that it's easy to spell the name, and it's easy to say."

Siri was unveiled in 2007, and the technology was launched as an IOS application available in the Apple store in early 2010, however, there was one issue, Jobs was not in love with the name.

Kittalaus, who worked at Apple until October 2011, continued to try to convince them that Siri was a great name, but in the end, the company clung to the name for a more straightforward reason: Nobody could have created anything better, and the choice was successful, the name is now used too As a shortcut to "Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface." That is, "the interface of interpretation and speech recognition".

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