Phone users How to lock the application "Messenger" with fingerprint or face

Last Wednesday, the American Facebook company announced the addition of new privacy and security features to its messaging app, in an effort to protect users.

And according to what the Arab Technical News Portal reported, Facebook said: "Privacy is at the heart of Messenger, where you can express yourself with your important people, whether through a message, a video chat, a call, or a messenger room."

“Today we announce new privacy and security features that give you more control.” If you are reluctant to hand over your phone to your friend for fear of reading your direct messages, you can now at least lock your Facebook Messenger messages using Face ID on an iPhone or iPad. .
So, "App Lock" is a privacy setting in "Messenger" that hides your conversations after a specified period of time, and the only way to reach them after that point is via Face ID or (Touch ID) or by entering your passcode.
To enable this option in Messenger, do the following:
Open the Messenger app and click on your profile icon in the top left corner and then click on Privacy.
Click on "App Lock".
- Switch to the option that requests Face ID, and from there you can specify the time period after which OpenVPN will be locked, where you can choose to lock the application after one minute or after 15 minutes or an hour, where the application will be locked and follow the procedures that you specified after leaving the application Immediately.
-Click OK in the popup that requests to allow Messenger app to use Face ID.
- The next time you open the app after the specified time period, your authentication will be triggered.
It is worth noting that "App Lock" is only available for iOS users at the moment, and "Facebook" says: "The feature will come to Android in the next few months."

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