5 new features that you can do with your Android phone

Google announced the launch of some new features for all Android phones - running Android 6 and any later - that allow users to have a better user experience, before launching the final version of Android 11.

Google said: "It is developing new features to improve the experience of using billions of devices around the world." So the goal of these updates is to help make the things you do a little easier while reducing distractions.

Here are 5 new things you can do with an Android phone:
1- Bedtime setting to get better sleep

Google has announced the launch of the Bedtime mode feature - which was previously only available for its Google Pixel phones - for all Android devices, and this feature allows you to disable notifications after a certain time, and set bedtime reminders that will appear to you while using applications in your phone, in addition to Option to play soothing sounds from apps like: Calm, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more.

Google has also added a feature called Sunrise Alarm that turns your phone's screen into brighter gradually and turns from orange to yellow before the alarm goes off to help you wake up more gently.

Google has added all the features of (sleep time mode) in the application (Google Clock) Google Clock, where you will find it under the (Bedtime) tab in the interface of the watch application. And to enjoy all these features, users of Android 6, or any later version, can now download the (Google Watch) application on their phones from Google Play.
- Update (Android Auto) platform for safer driving

Google has updated the user interface in the Android Auto platform, to make driving a car now safer than ever. When you use the platform in your car to get directions to your destination, you will find a short list of your appointments in the calendar application, so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and avoid the need To switch between different applications while driving.

And for appointments that contain a contact, Google added a built-in call button that allows you to call someone with one click, instead of forcing you to delve deep into your contacts.

Google also updated the Settings application to allow you to manage (Android Auto) preferences directly from your car screen, and to control what appears on the screen while driving.

The new calendar application in (Android Auto) displays the personal calendars synced with your phone, and Google will release it for devices running Android 6 or later during the next month.
3- Features for emergency assistance

Google has added a new feature to the Emergency Location Service (ELS) that shares the language settings in your device when you call the local emergency number. This should make it easier for emergency personnel to communicate with you when they arrive at the scene of the accident, or give them time to find an interpreter to help you if you do not speak the local language.
4- Get an alert when earthquakes occur

Now Android phones around the world can detect earthquakes using the Android Earthquake Alerts System, creating the largest earthquake detection network in the world. This will lead to faster and more accurate earthquake information.

Google described how the system works in its blog as follows: All smartphones come with small accelerometers that can sense signals that indicate the possibility of an earthquake. And if the phone detects something that it thinks might be an earthquake, it sends the data to our earthquake detection server with rough information about the location of the shaking, which Google can use to determine exactly where the earthquake is occurring. Then it sends an alert to your Android device, which will give you a convenient time to find a suitable place for protection.

(Android Earthquake Alerts System) will be available for devices running Android 5.0 and later.
5- New features in the (Lookout) application for the visually impaired
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Google has added new features in its (Lookout) application, which uses computer vision to help blind and partially sighted people get things done faster and easier.

The application now includes an updated user interface, simpler, and new features as it is now possible through the application to scan long documents using the phone's camera, and convert them into readable texts, which can be read aloud via the screen reader tool.

The application also supports a new mode called (Food Label) that allows the user to direct the phone's camera to any product to scan its label or barcode to obtain a more accurate description of the product, which helps to better identify it.

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