A new surprise ... Apple's "Car Play" technology is coming to many cars

The American company "Apple" revealed that "CarPlay will soon support vertical screens with multimedia systems in cars such as Volvo, Polestar and Subaru," noting that "this support will be available with the new iOS 14 version, which is scheduled to be launched next September."

There are more than 100 models of vehicles belonging to 40 car manufacturers available with Apple's smart Car Play technology, which indicates that the chances of these vehicles supporting the iPhone are very large.
The Apple Car Play platform provides the ability for automakers to switch the vehicle’s complex infotainment and information system by displaying through an iPhone interface.
The "car play" platform is not an internal system in the car to run the iOS interface or the applications of this system, but it creates a link that mimics the interface of the familiar iOS operating platform, in order to display the car's infotainment system, which allows controlling the choice of applications, through the display screen of the device Or via voice commands. 

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