How to increase the speed of the Internet

Faced with the great pressure on the internet, during the quarantine period, since many people spend most of their time chatting, browsing websites and working remotely, the average internet speed drops, during peak hours.

But there are ways to improve and increase the speed of internet flow that experts advise during this period.

You need to convert the work of the "router" (which is an Internet broadcasting device) into a multi-channel work system. If your device supports 5GHz connection, you will switch to this mode, which increases Internet speed, but the transmission distance will decrease.

Experts advise not to place the "router" near microwaves, cordless home phones and baby monitors, because they use the same frequency.

The experts added that you should check your device for viruses that can slow down the speed of the Internet, and if you are unable to do it yourself (delete viruses), contact your service provider for help.

The experts pointed out that most people use the Internet in the evening, so the speed of the Internet is greater in the day and night periods, as it is advised to carry out tasks within this period.

Experts also advise buying a good "router" that broadcasts the Internet over long distances and supports multi-band technology, pointing out that the greatest speed that can be obtained at home is while the computer is connected to the Internet with a direct wire, as working with "Wi-Fi" reduces the speed of the Internet to twice. at least.

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