Microsoft announces the launch of the Xbox Series X in November ... Know its specifications

Microsoft is preparing to launch the next-generation Xbox Series X console in November, as the company did not previously clarify the date of its release and left it ambiguous, it only announced that the launch would be holiday 2020, but it finally revealed the exact month now, although it did not announce a specific date, but According to the leaks, the first week of November appears to be the launch date.

According to "the verge", the Xbox Series X may of course be late for November with the uncertainty about the manufacturing processes linked to the pandemic and what it entails in the coming days.

The Xbox Series X launch date for November was revealed today, as Microsoft is making the tough decision to postpone Halo Infinite until 2021, and Microsoft was planning to release Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite simultaneously this fall.
The lack of Halo Infinite means there isn't a major launch event for the Xbox Series X later this year, so Microsoft will pick the spotlight on Xbox Game Pass, along with "50+ new games" launching this year with improvements for Xbox Series X. .

Over 40 existing games will also be improved for the Xbox Series X, which can include 120fps frame rates, faster load times, and Quick Resume support.

Backward compatible games across Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One will also be played on Xbox Series X when it launches in November.

There are still several questions that the company has not answered, such as when exactly Xbox Series X will be available, its price, and when people can start pre-ordering the next-generation console.

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