Missed the paparazzi .. WhatsApp returns a very useful feature

It seems that WhatsApp, despite its recent period of introducing a lot of modifications and improvements to stickers and chat backgrounds, is preparing to return a small but very useful feature that makes sharing photos much easier when the user needs it very quickly.

As many WhatsApp users know, when composing a message in the app, there are two sharing icons to the right of the text box: one to open the camera application in your phone and the other to attach gallery photos, contact cards, audio files, documents, and share your location.

This second code is used to give you another shortcut to open the camera app on your phone, but earlier this year, Facebook - the parent company of WhatsApp - decided to replace this button with a link to the newly released Messenger rooms, which allow you to make informal video calls. With up to 50 contacts.

But the developers dropped the additional camera icon, in a controversial move, so if you are in a rush to capture a moment and share it, pressing the wrong button is in a hurry and having to spend some time closing the post that was opened by mistake, could mean missing the opportunity.
Change behind the scenes

But there seems to be a change in the situation behind the scenes, as the (WABetaInfo) team, which specializes in dismantling new WhatsApp beta versions, discovered a redesigned (sharing paper) in the beta version of the operating system (iOS) with the re-shortened camera, in addition to a more clear appearance. And smarter for all symbols.

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