New Features Coming for Zoom to Facilitate Distance Learning 2020

The Zoom video service has introduced new features to enhance student participation and classroom management with the approaching return of schools, and the upcoming benefits will be available to teachers and students all over the world for free, and the company also announced that these benefits that may come to the Zoom application include a customizable gallery, multiple installation, and cancellation Mute with approval.

To improve classroom management, students can now create a virtual seating arrangement in the classroom, while thanks to the customizable gallery feature, the participants' order can be changed as desired, and the feature will lock the gallery in a fixed configuration that will not change even when a new person speaks or enters the room.

The multiple installation feature will enable the user to install up to 9 participants on the screen, and Zoom said that the feature will be useful for teachers and students who use sign language because it does not automatically lead to the appearance of the speaker in the display screen, and it will also help deaf or hard of hearing students.

Using the multi-lights feature, instructors can highlight up to nine participants in the entire meeting, so they can create a custom group that is visible to the entire class.

In the future, teachers will be able to play back participants' voice selectively, and the feature will be useful in situations where students may not have the ability to play back the voice again, such as K-2 graders who may not know how to operate their microphones or students with physical limitations. Or other restrictions that prevent them from accessing the mute controls.

"To protect student privacy and maintain participant control, Zoom will require the meeting host and all participants to subscribe to this voice control," Zoom said in a statement.

Participants can revoke this permission at any time, including between meetings, and another feature coming to Zoom is the Breakout Room. Users will be able to create themed break rooms or reading groups and invite students to move between them based on their interests.

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