Researchers are developing a new tool that changes images to prevent manipulation

Researchers have designed a photo-editing tool that makes slight pixel-level changes that distort images enough that they cannot be used by online image recognition software - and claim to be 100% effective, this tool was called Fawkes in honor of the "V for Vendetta" mask It is a set of algorithms and software that “mask” images to fool the systems, such as adding an invisible mask to your face.
According to the British "Daily Mail" website, researchers from SANLab at the University of Chicago shared a statement: "It may be surprising that some people know that we started the Fawkes Project some time before the New York Times article describing Clearview.ai in February 2020."
They added: "Fawkes are designed to raise the costs of building and maintaining significantly accurate facial recognition models on a large scale, and if we can reduce the accuracy of these models to make them unreliable, or force the owners of the model to pay large costs to each person to maintain accuracy, we will succeed to a large extent . "
The mask 'V for Vendetta' is a popular disguise among activists and the anonymous, and was the face of many protesters during the Occupation New York movement in 2011.
Fawkes takes a photo and makes small pixel-level changes that cannot be seen with the naked eye - a process called "image masking", and users upload an image to the program and the system makes adjustments in just a few minutes.
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