The naming secret ... Find out why Pinterest has been featured by the image platform

Pinterest allows users, 80% of whom are women, to share and save photos they enjoy in "pinboards" of a certain type. For example, freshly updated fashionable photos can be pinned to the My Style board or a very easy recipe on Slow Cooker Panel.
According to rewindandcapture, the site is an illustrated scrapbook of the hopes, dreams and desires of adults, and images are sourced from all over the web or from the users themselves
The site's most popular categories include food and beverage, DIY, home decor, and holidays and events.

  Most web browsers offer a "Pin It" button that you can include in the navigation bar for easy access from any page on the Internet, and the point here is to organize the content; To develop a personal collection of what you love and want to save for future reference or inspiration.
But why is it called Pinterest?
With the sheer number of women who use and preach on Pinterest, you might be surprised to discover that in 2010 it was co-founded by three men, Evan Sharp, Paul Ciara, and Ben Silberman.

Silberman's wife suggested the name for the first time while she was watching TV. Perhaps the word is a mixture of two concepts, "pinboard" or "pin" and "interest", with the exact pin mark in their logo, which means a board on which important matters are suspended by Pin, as this material is your personal interests.

The company really took off when it introduced its very personal campaign early on called "Pin It Forward," and Pin It Forward allowed people to create billboards and receive invitations by getting other friends to create pinboards.

Silberman said, "Fortunately for Pinterest, the site has grown exponentially, and every new user brings with it a set of new installers with their individual flair and impact."

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