This is how Apple devices are used to understand symptoms of depression

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) said it will launch a three-year study in collaboration with Apple to better understand how factors such as sleep, physical activity, heart rate and daily routines affect symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The study uses data collected by the iPhone, Apple Watch and Beddit, which Apple acquired in 2017.

The university said: The pilot phase of the study includes 150 participants, while the following stages of the research expand to include 3000 participants.
Participants receive a Beddit sleep monitor and an Apple Watch to use throughout the study period.

The study can be done remotely so that people do not need to be exposed to risks during the epidemic.

The study aims to identify the factors that predispose people to depression, and to understand the changes caused by the condition in the body, as current approaches to treating depression depend almost entirely on the self-memories of depressed patients.

It is hoped that these efforts will help improve how we discover and treat depression.

Depression affects one in ten people at some point in their lives, and is believed to lead to approximately one million suicides every year worldwide.

This collaboration harnesses UCLA's deep research expertise and innovative technology from Apple, which has the potential to transform behavioral health research and clinical care.

Health for Apple is becoming an increasingly area of ​​focus, and the company has launched programs for health developers, including HealthKit and ResearchKit, and is working on a variety of research collaborations.

The (Apple Watch) now focuses heavily on medical use and fitness cases, and the company describes it as the smart guardian of the health of its users.

Separately, there is a growing interest in leveraging data from smartphones and wearables to determine how people are performing.
Companies like Mindstrong Health are looking into changes in how people type via the keyboard app that could provide an early insight into their mental health status.

Many mental health experts believe that there are some beneficial signals from these consumer devices, even if they are small, but large-scale studies are needed to understand the clinical value

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