A new feature with Google Assistant inspired by Siri ... know it

Google routinely introduces new features to the voice-based artificial intelligence assistant called Assistant, as a report by PhoneArena revealed that the new feature coming to the assistant is largely inspired by Apple's Siri. Last year with iOS 13, Apple introduced something. It's called Siri Shortcuts.Siri Shortcuts allows iPhone users to open applications and do other things simply by assigning specific shortcuts through Siri, as Google has now been allocated to bring this feature to the assistant on Android phones, and the feature is called Assistant Shortcuts and it will work as such “The user can say“ OK Google ” , New Gmail “Assistant will help create mail in the Gmail app, or they can add a WhatsApp profile picture using Assistant shortcuts.”The report states that the feature will also appear in the Assistant Actions menu, which can be used to edit and assign commands, while the Assistant Shortcuts feature is rolled out as a server-side update. It can be seen on Android phones in the Assistant Settings tab

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