Apple.. Innovative offers waiting for 'the coming Phone'

Waiting for its new phone to be delayed, Apple has launched a new virtual fitness service, and packages all of its subscriptions, Apple one, to focus more on the services that have become the backbone of its growth strategy, and to domestic customers through the Corona pandemic.

The company also offered for the first time its new six-generation Apple Watch, which measures oxygen in blood, will be sold for 399 dollars, and a less expensive "Apple Watch S.E." at 279 dollars.

The cost of the Apple one package will be $15 per month for the individual plan, $20 for the family plan, and will include television, music and games.

Apple also offers a $30 package per month including news, fitness service, and more storage space.

Apple said the two new hours could be ordered from Tuesday, and they would be available from Friday.

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