Britain is developing a pump device to help workers respect social distancing


At a time when scientists and medical and scientific institutions are struggling, due to the existence of a vaccine that eliminates the Corona virus, others are trying to create means that help in social distancing, so that scientists succeed in their difficult task, especially after the emergence of the second wave in some countries such as Britain, whose authorities are working to control On this wave, a robotics company in Northeast England has developed a wearable device to maintain social distancing and worker safety.

The company, which specializes in manufacturing advanced machines and robots for many companies, created technology in March, specifically at a time when the epidemic spread throughout the country, forcing factories and other workplaces to close, according to Euronews.

Ryan Palmer, CEO of the company, explained how the device works. "The device issues simple and intuitive warnings that help people maintain their social distancing, but also enable us to improve the flow of movement in the factory," he said. 

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