Nintendo unveils a special edition of the Switch based on Fortnite

Nintendo is preparing to launch a special Fortnite-inspired Switch version next month, with yellow and blue Joy-Cons arms, with Battle Bus engraved around the main button, and the Switch tablet itself will also have letters on the back, according to the verge. Fortnite is preinstalled on the Switch, and the package includes 2000 V-bucks, plus some exclusive items
And Apple removed the game from its store and the developer account recently, and the two companies have been fighting two weeks ago in front of the courts and in the press against the backdrop of a commission charged by "Apple" for the purchases made by "Fortnite" users through the "App Store" online store, but the manufacturer of the game "Epic" She tried to impose internal money on her behalf, which violates the rules and policies of the store, which constitutes a mandatory conduit for downloading applications on all devices manufactured by "Apple".

The battle between the two sides revolves around the 30% commission that Apple deducts from the revenues of companies that offer their applications in the App Store to users of iPhones and iPads, and the games company describes this commission as "tyrannical."

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