Apple Watch Series 6 review: the best in everything



Apple's latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 6, gives us nearly every feature one could ask for in terms of fitness tracking while reaffirming Apple Watch's position as the most enjoyable smartwatch experience.
To be fair, Apple Watch Series 5 has also kept this feature for its time. Perhaps the most prominent feature of the new watch is the presence of a new health sensor, which allows measuring the oxygen in the blood and displaying it on the screen, as it is a monitor of oxygen in the blood, where the red and infrared light shines on your wrist and measures the reflection to measure the color of the blood, and determines the level of oxygen in 15 seconds , For algorithms to use to read the color of your blood, which shows O2.
The 6 Series also came with the new S6 processor, which promises up to 20 percent faster performance. It is based on Apple's internal A13 chip and delivers the first major update to Apple Watch performance since the Series 4, given that last year's Series 5 model used the same S4 ​​CPU (renamed the S5 with other additions like a compass and a new display controller).

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