Putting a picture-in-picture for YouTube on Safari in iOS 14 is back to work

Picture In Picture for iPhone arrived for the first time with iOS 14 after it initially made its way to iPadOS. So users who use Safari on their iPhones were able to shrink the video window and continue watching while they continue browsing. However, about two weeks ago, Google withdrew its support for this feature without providing any explanations, and since the YouTube app for iOS still lacks the picture in picture feature, this matter made many users very disappointed. However, that's changed now, this feature is now back. Some users said that there are those who use the picture-in-picture feature in iOS 14 to listen to videos in the background and take advantage of one of the features that Youtube Premium users get, but since this option is now back, it may have been for another reason
We still do not know for how long Google will keep this feature activated for users who are not subscribed to Youtube Premium on the browser Safari, but there is a possibility that Google will not take long. After all, this is one of the notable features that make users subscribe to Youtube Premium
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