Warning! It is dangerous to use an unoriginal smartphone charger


The phone charger is one of the most important components that every person needs wherever he goes, but the charger may suffer some damage, forcing the owner of the phone to buy any charger, without knowing what problems it might cause.
In this context, technology expert Vladimir Gritsenko revealed, using an unoriginal charger can damage the phone or even cause a fire if the voltage varies.

He also indicated that non-original chargers use poor-quality feedboxes, which leads to dire consequences. Additionally, many original charger cables are biodegradable faster over time.

And the expert advised when choosing a new cable for the charger to pay attention to the phrases on it and the locations of the charging, and in the event that any damage is found, this could indicate that the charger is not original, adding that all the chargers sold in electronic stores whose price is much lower than the selling price Official retailers, are non-original chargers and can cause major problems if used, from damage to the phone to explode

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