Apple HomePod Mini users face Wi-Fi problem


If you are experiencing difficulties connecting the new Apple HomePod Mini to the home Wi-Fi network, know that you are not alone, as some Apple HomePod Mini users complain that the device has automatically disconnected from the Wi-Fi network, and according to a report issued by 9to5 Mac, after the Wi-Fi connection was disconnected -Fi, Siri replies with an error message that says "I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet."

One user wrote in the Apple Support Forum: “I am having problems with the HomePod mini not connecting to the Internet, while other HomePods do not have a problem when I ask a question and so on, but when I ask one of the HomePod mini devices, it says“ I am having trouble connecting to the Internet, I have followed Steps to solve the problems provided by Apple, but the devices will continue to say "I am having trouble connecting to the Internet" after a few hours, it is back to normal again. "

Another user took to Reddit to ask, “Is anyone else having problems with my homepod mini not connecting to the Internet? My other home devices don't have a problem when I ask a question etc, but when the small device is a device it says“ I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet ” Apple has yet to comment on this issue and it appears that there is no immediate solution to this problem.

HomePod mini is the first smart speaker from the Cupertino tech giant in three years, and as the name suggests, the HomePod mini is only 3.3 inches high. HomePod mini is powered by the Apple S5 chip that improves loudness, adjusts dynamic range. , Driver motion and passive radiators control in real time.

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