Microsoft expects it will not be able to meet demand for the Xbox Series X and S until 2021


Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Tim Stewart said that the company expects the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S shortages to continue during the first quarter of 2021, during his speech at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference, where Stewart was asked about the resupply after selling pre-orders to Xbox Series, he explained, is in great demand now, adding, "Frankly, the games are just exploding."

According to the US ign, it appears that the result is that supply will not be able to really meet demand for some time yet, and Stewart said: “I think we will continue to see a shortage of supplies as we approach the next quarter of the holiday, and perhaps that will continue until the end of the quarter. The first of next year 2021, which means the continuation of the deficit until the end of March and the possibility of overcoming it by April.

Stewart said he expected to see a "real speed boost" once both Series X and S consoles were widely available to everyone, and it was clearly a good launch for Xbox, with Series X and S seeing the biggest launches in Xbox history, and the company promised to bring more From the control units as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Stewart did not talk about the expected sales of her devices or even about the number of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S devices that have been sold so far after their launch on November 10 - a week ago from now, and therefore it is not possible to say with regard to the size of the order and the number of Xbox that is preparing Microsoft sold it through April

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