What is the difference .. the most prominent differences between the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch Series 3


Apple released a pair of new smartwatches, and although one of them is the more affordable Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 3, which is now three years old, remains an option on Apple's website, and this means that Apple still considers it. A smart watch that is viable even today, and below we show a comparison between the Watch Series 3 with the brand-new Apple Watch Series 6 and whether it is worth upgrading or purchasing it as new.

the design:
The design has not changed much over the years in the Apple Watch family, when the screens are turned off, you can hardly distinguish between the two, but there are two main differences:

First, Apple Watch Series 3 comes in different sizes, the smallest is 38 mm and the largest is 42 mm, while Apple Watch Series 6 comes in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes, although the difference of 2 mm may not seem like much, but it is more important than you just think. Think about the other big design difference - the screen.

The Watch Series 3 also features a much smaller screen, and the thickened bezels surrounding it make it look old. In fact, with a body just 2 mm larger, Apple Watch Series 6 has a 30% larger screen thanks to the thinnest bezels, obviously, on the watch scale. Smart, 30% is a huge improvement, making the 6 much easier to use and nicer to look at as well.


With Series 6, Apple has added more color options than ever before. Besides silver and space gray, which are the only colors in the 3 series, the 6 series also comes in gold and blue and the distinctive Apple RED products, if you choose a stainless steel body, you acquire graphite as a color but lose most of the other colors, the same goes for the option Titanium, which is the only option to come in Space Black.


Apple Watch's goal is clearly to make it the perfect health companion, and this is where a lot of effort has been focused over the years, but even if you aren't worried about having a heart attack, there is a lot to enjoy if you go for Apple Watch Series 6. Obviously, the newer model does everything you can with the older and more, so we'll focus on the "more" part by listing some of the key features that Series 3 lacks in Series 3.


Always-on display:
The Apple Watch algorithms are very good at detecting when you want to look at your watch and turn on the screen so you can check the time, notifications, etc., but sometimes you just want to peek at it during a meeting without being rude, in that and many more. Other than that, the always-on display is invaluable.

To make it less battery demanding, Apple Watch dims its screen a little while it's always on and lowers the refresh rate to 1Hz. Of course, if you want to extend the battery life to the maximum extent, you can turn off the Always On feature at any time.


Measurement of blood oxygen saturation
Apple's biggest pride when it comes to the new Apple Watch Series 6 is the Blood Oxygen app, it's an important tool to track your vital elements during heavy workouts, but these days it could be useful for detecting early COVID-19 symptoms. Even if you are not a fan of the gym, this may be of help to you.


This is the second major health-related feature that you are missing with the Apple Watch Series 3, the feature that Apple never fails to mention has actually saved a lot of lives. Sure, if you are in your twenties or thirties, you might think that heart problems are not even a concern for you. Now, Apple Watch has detected abnormalities even in young people and helped them get treatment early, so it's better than not.


Fall Detection and International Emergency Calls:
Another potentially life-saving feature is, if the accelerometers on the Apple Watch Series 6 detects that you have fallen, it prompts you to inform whether you are fine or need emergency services to be called, if you do not take any action within a minute, the call will be automatically initiated. Obviously, having this service available internationally is a huge advantage if you're the type who travels abroad a lot, at least.


If you are looking to buy an Apple Watch and have the budget for the Series 6 series, this is definitely the right choice for you, and if not, it is still better to use the new Apple Watch SE instead of Series 3, for only $ 80 more than Series 3, you will get On a bigger screen and a host of other features, for a full comparison between cheaper Apple smartwatches, check out our article on the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3.

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