PlayStation 5 Pro version is coming soon ... Learn the details


The PlayStation 5 gaming console has recently arrived in a number of regions around the world, and while many are still waiting for the console to arrive in other regions, a new report has appeared online proposing a new, more powerful version of the PS5 game console that may be dubbed the PS5 Pro.

According to the Indian TOI website, the Pro version is expected to be powered by two GPUs instead of the single unit in the PS5 case, and according to a T3 report, a patent was filed by the company earlier this year with the US patent application 20200242723.

The patent application describes the patent as "a scalable game console for use in" main console and cloud games ", and the patent application states that the second GPU will be connected communicatively to the first GPU and both GPUs will be programmed to render different parts of the video.

The first line and the second line can then be combined to provide the full frame. The patent application refers to the console as a "advanced" version of the console that will provide better performance and storage capacity, indicating that the upcoming Pro version of the PS5 may provide more storage space and RAM. Compared to the current model, but there is no official information about when the company plans to launch the alleged Pro version of the PS5 in the market.

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