What does Windows Core OS mean ... and how will it benefit Microsoft?


It is known that Microsoft owns the Windows 10 operating system, which is the most popular computer operating system at the present time, but the company is working on developing another operating system, Windows Core OS, which is a comprehensive operating system that can work on various devices.

Windows Core OS

It is an integration of more than an abstract project of its basic elements under one name Core OS, as it is expected to include many advanced and compatible applications between them through the company's tool to create UWP applications that will help in shaping the features of the new system within a completely updated and dynamic interface as possible .

Windows Core OS features

Microsoft seeks through this system to get rid of the known problems that plague them and make the user experience more smooth than ever, and Core OS also plans to make updates faster and more secret, which allows users to work as usual while updating the device in the background.

Microsoft also wants to develop its products more easily, which may result in a decrease in prices, and it also wants to enhance the user experience as much as possible, so Windows Core OS will help in all of this by introducing a completely new Windows program and environment on the PC.

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