A report advises to uninstall Flash on devices after its official support ends


A report by the "Digital Trend" website advised to uninstall Adobe Flash on devices, after its support officially ended on December 31, 2020, closing the era of one of the most controversial browser plug-ins on the web.
Flash was pivotal in enabling video and audio playback at the beginning of the Internet in the first decade of the twenty-first century, as it gave developers an easy way to embed video clips or create games that could be played in the browser, but it was also severely criticized for being a drain on resources, with a series of Security risks that need regular corrections.
These criticisms also came in 2010, when the late Apple founder Steve Jobs published an open letter entitled "Thoughts on Flash", in which he explained many problems related to the program and said that it would not be allowed to run on Apple products due to security problems and poor performance, especially on mobile devices And excessive battery use, Jobs' letter proved the beginning of the end for Flash.

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