How to wipe an SD card and erase all its data


An SD card is just like a small hard drive, it is a device that can store and transfer large amounts of data, and if you use the SD card for a long time, you may need to wipe it, and you can remove each file separately, but that may take a long time, and it may leave you as well Hidden trash files, so according to "business insider" we offer you how to erase your SD cards using Windows.
How to erase an SD card on Windows
1. Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of your computer, if your computer does not have an SD card slot, you need to use a USB adapter or card reader with the SD card slot.
2. Open the File Explorer folder, you can do this by opening any folder, and look for the SD card in the navigation pane on the left, it will probably be low in the list, under the built-in hard drive.
3. Right-click the drive and choose "Format" from the dropdown menu.
4. You can change the file system or drive name if you wish, but most of the time you will want to leave these defaults, press "Start".
5. You will see a warning that all files on this disk are about to be erased. If you are sure that you have chosen the correct drive, then click OK.
Also, depending on the number of files on the SD card, this might take a few minutes, but once this is done, your card will be empty and ready for use again.

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