How to hide programs on iPhone 2021


Hide apps on iPhone
Users try by various means to protect their files and programs from the tampering of others and from intruders and make them safe from anyone who tries to tamper with their programs out of curiosity or for other purposes. The entire mobile phone protects the screen from opening, either by using fingerprint or passwords and other means of protection, but what about protecting programs in the event of opening the phone? Here you will need to protect some programs such as: WhatsApp, Messenger, or even the studio, where you can hide applications on the iPhone from the main screen and open them only when needed, so mena tech will try in this article to talk about hiding applications on the iPhone through settings or using some programs Own.

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How to hide programs on iPhone
Through this method, you can hide applications on the iPhone in a special, completely hidden folder where you can show hidden applications only when the iPhone restarts, or you can search for hidden applications using the Spotlight feature that allows you to search for all iPhone content, and here you can follow the following steps to hide applications in IPhone:

Create a new folder named Hidden Applications, for example, by long pressing the icon of any program until the programs vibrate, then dragging the icon over the icon of another program.
Drag and drop the programs you want to hide into the new folder.
You can move more than one program to this folder and arrange them as desired.
Open the folder for hidden programs.
Drag the program you want to hide to the right in conjunction with clicking the Home button, then the program will disappear completely.
Repeat the process for each program that you want to hide.
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How to how to hide applications on iPhone from settings
You can also activate the Hide App on iPhone through Settings in the following way:

Go to the settings option then choose the general option.
A menu will appear for you containing a set of options, click on the "Restrictions" option.
Here, the system will ask you to set a special password that is different from the iPhone password.
Choose the programs that you want to hide so that they will disappear from the screen and only open with your password. You can also delete and install programs easily.
You can undo hiding apps by pressing Ctrl + Z together.
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How to hide apps on iPhone using the Siri voice assistant
This method is only available on iPhone phones running the ios 11 system, so you may not be able to follow it in other systems, and you can here hide apps on the iPhone in the following way:

First, activate siri.
Press and hold the icon of the program you want to hide.
Simultaneously with long press on the program icon, press the Home button.
Move the program icon left and right until the program disappears from the main screen.
Here you will notice that the program has disappeared from the main screen, where you can access it by searching for the name of the program in the search list only.
Thus, we ended our position on the question of how to hide apps on the iPhone in the most effective way for your phone, and we learned how to hide programs on iPhone 2021.

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