How to change the username of your Instagram account


Instagram users need to make their username unique on the main system, especially if he is looking for a unique name for his account, and often some social networking sites do not allow you to change the names several times, but the Instagram photo sharing system has no limits, and below we show how to change your name On Instagram as follows:

How to change Instagram username
1- Open the Instagram app on an iPhone or Android phone and make sure to log in to the account you want to change.

2- Click on your profile picture at the bottom right of the screen.

3- Click on "Edit Profile" at the bottom of your CV.

4- In the "Username" field, type your new name.

5- Click on "Done".

You will receive a message at this stage if the username is already in use, and this means that someone has arrived there before, so try to add underscores or numbers to make it more distinctive, but if this does not work, you may have to rethink the alias on Internet.

The "Edit Profile" section of the app also allows you to change your profile picture, name, and resume - allowing you to get creative while you're in the settings.

How do celebrities get the usernames they want?
Many celebrities have the "official" version of their real name, with no annoying middle names or underscores in sight, and it has been revealed that many are actually paying for the privilege, so if you have a famous name, you may be able to forfeit a particular username that meets Coins.

It is also likely that "valuable" usernames will be compromised for this reason, but if you get to the platform early, you may have a required name - so you should make sure you have a more secure password, just in case.

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