Apple announces the release of iOS 14.5 next week


Apple revealed the official release of iOS 14.5 next week, especially with the launch of a number of technical products for the company that will work on iOS 14.5 or higher, such as Air Tags, which will be launched on April 30, as well as the launch of watchOS 7.4 and macOS 11.3 next week, and they support feature updates The new Apple Podcast, according to the verege.
Apple released Beta 14.5 for the first time to the public earlier this year in February with watchOS 7.4 beta, along with AirTag support, which tracks apps and forces developers to request permission to track users to target ads.
The feature was announced last year and met with sharp resistance from Facebook in particular, which says the move will hurt small businesses that benefit from ad tracking.
IOS 14.5 also introduces some welcome inclusivity features, such as the ability to change Siri's voice and new skin tone options for some emojis, as well as Siri's ability to see which voice listening apps the user prefers for specific activities.

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