A new device that competes with the Nintendo gaming platforms.. Details


Valve revealed its latest mobile device, which will be a strong competitor to the popular Nintendo platforms dedicated to electronic game lovers, according to RT.
The Steam Deck comes in the form of a small portable PC equipped with various side grips to control games, speakers and side touch panels.
The most distinctive feature of this device is its reliance on the open SteamOS operating system, which enables the user to download Windows systems to use it to play games or as a small personal computer.
Steam Deck got a 7-inch screen with a resolution of (1280/800) pixels, and advanced processors from AMD, the same as those used in PS5 devices, in addition to 16 GB of random access memory, and graphics processors from AMD as well.
The manufacturer equipped it with advanced chips to connect with wireless Internet and Bluetooth networks, and a battery enough to work for more than 8 hours on a single charge, in addition to a small bag and external accessories that facilitate its connection with screens and other electronic devices

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