Huawei's latest innovation that will take "Augmented Reality" to a new level


The Chinese telecom technology company Huawei unveiled a package of its latest innovations related to the fifth generation during the International Mobile Exhibition in Shanghai.

Huawei is working to highlight its latest technologies based on fifth-generation communication technology, a market that is witnessing great development in the country. According to estimates, more than 800 million Chinese will be connected to or using 5G technology by 2025.

During the exhibition, Huawei unveiled its "Cyberverse" product, a product that provides an augmented reality experience based on artificial intelligence, which will take virtual reality technologies to new heights by freezing the real and virtual world "smoothly" and simultaneously using 5G.

"Huawei CyberVerse will allow the creation of a new digital world for users that is seamlessly connected with reality," said Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Shelly Chi.
Users of this technology can get experiences and experiences that “combine the virtual world with reality by wearing smart glasses and via our mobile phones.”

Huawei says that "Cyberverse" will be accompanied by a set of smart applications that enable it to be used in sectors including tourism, transport and education.

The chief marketing officer said Cyberverse has already begun to be used in a number of Chinese tourist attractions to help visitors "better understand the history of the site", and some parks and passenger transport stations.

Its users can enjoy a “scene blending real and virtual world” experience.

During the exhibition, Huawei also unveiled an innovation called "Hi-Car", which is a smart interaction system between the user's phone and his car and allows its owner to open the car door, operate it and control it through the smartphone only.

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